Apple’s WWDC 2013 Keynote Scheduled for Monday, June 10

Mark your calendar. AllThingD reports that Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote is scheduled for Monday, June 10. 

Not a big surprise as all other WWDC keynotes were held on the same day but it’s great to have an official confirmation. 

(Via Apple’s WWDC Keynote Scheduled for Monday, June 10 – John Paczkowski – News – AllThingsD)

Apple close to sign the four majors

It looks like we’re going to see some really cool announcements with regards to cloud music at WWDC 2011 that starts on June 6.

CNET reports that Apple has already signed a licensing agreement with EMI Music and Warner Music Group and should be close to close a deal with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

Despite finishing last in the race to provide its customers with a cloud music locker, a full licensing agreement means that the solution Apple is going to introduce will make Amazon and Google implementations look shabby at best.

As already mentioned in this post we might be able to have all our music on the cloud without having to physically upload gigabytes of data. Apple service could potentially simply scan our iTunes library and tag the songs to files already stored in the Apple servers.

(via CNET)