Best fleshlight sex toys

The fleshlight is probably the most well known sex toy for guys the consensus on the internet seems to be that they’re pretty awesome and the company says it’s sold over seven million of them

We’re even starting to hear about the men movies and TV shows now but is it all hype and marketing or is it actually worth the 60 something dollar price tag

SaleBestseller No. 1
Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant, Water Based Lube, 8 Ounce Bottle
  • Pure Water Based Lubricant
  • Hypoallergenic, Clean and Non-Staining
  • Premium lube designed for smooth sensation and soft skin.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Pipedream F#ck-a-Duck
  • Novelties
  • Discreetly shipped
  • Vinyl
SaleBestseller No. 3
Shibari Antibacterial Toy Cleaner, 8oz Spray Bottle
  • Targeted spray system
  • Triclosan free
  • Alcohol free
Bestseller No. 4
Motawator Soft Strap-on Silicone Breast Mastetomy cosplay Dresser(32C/34B/36A 500g/pair)
  • The shipment includes 1 pair of Motawator Silicone Breasts, nude color. Made from High-grade medical silicone, perfectly weighted & shaped, which is always fit you to a authentic vision effect.
  • Motawator Silicone Breast washable in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Also water proof, and ideal for everyday or special occasions.
  • Protective box is available to be put into which can protect privacy and can be used for people who suffer from breast cancer.
Bestseller No. 5
Official Fleshlight | Fleshlube Fire, Water, Ice | Three Large 8 Ounce Bottles Lube
  • Fleshlight, also discreetly known as ILF, LLC, specially formulated these lubes to work with their line of Male Masturbators available in the adult category.
  • Includes 1 bottle each of Fleshlube Water, Fleshlube Fire, and Fleshlube Ice: Fire warms on contact and Ice cools on contact.
  • These lubricants may be used with a sex toy or with your partner.
Bestseller No. 6
SaleBestseller No. 7
My Perfect Goatee - Men's Shaving Template - Create a Perfectly Shaped Goatee Every Time - Easy to Use and Clean - Adjustable and Fits Most Faces – Saves Van Dyke Beard Shaving Time - by GoateeSaver
  • An adjustable shaving template designed to shape and form your goatee. NOTE: Razor not included
  • Saves time by allowing precise shaving of your desired goatee shape every day.
  • Creates & maintains a perfectly shaped goatee.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Shibari Lube Launcher XL, Blue
  • XL size
  • Easy to clean
  • 7.5" long
SaleBestseller No. 9
Lush Personal Lubricant Water Based Sex Lube 8.5oz
  • Lush Water is a long lasting, Water Based Personal Lubricant with a Natural Feel. Designed to reduce dryness and friction without the loss of sensation.
  • Doctor recommended formulation is Non-irritating, Unflavored, Fragrance Free, and Non-Staining.
  • Discreet Packaging with locking spill proof pump mechanism.
Bestseller No. 10
4 Ounces of Gun Oil H2O and 4 Ounces of Fleshlube Water By Fleshlight
  • FLESHLUBE WATER | Enjoy our premium water-based lubricant designed to provide an optimal silky smooth feel.
  • GUN OIL H2O | High-Tech Lube For Smooth Rapid-Fire Action.
  • Incredibly realistic feeling, like real. Easy regulation fleshlight of tightness and suction feeling, comfortable 25 cm insertion depth
  • Top quality – stable, hygienic, made in Europe fleshlight. Robust, patented housing, phthalate-free and soft SuperSkin material
  • Inconspicuous and discreet fleshlight: modeled after a flashlight in its shape, it is nowhere to be found
  • Millions of satisfied men can’t be wrong – more than 9 million Fleshlights sold worldwide
  • Scope of supply: soft insert, mother-of-pearl-coloured housing (25 x 9 cm), lubricant sample (one application) flesh lite. Delivered in green cardboard box (if Amazon sells and ships) or in photo printed cardboard box (all other retailers).

Does fleshlight really feel that much better than your own hand? Does it feel like sex what about cleaning it to find out we ordered two of them plus accessories

 Fleshlight Top 10 (by Overall Rating)

Place   Inner Canal Texture Overall Rating Link to Fleshlight Store
1st   Destroya Stoya – Destroya
2nd   Mini-Swallow Sex in a Can – Sukit Draft
3rd   Pilot (Mini-Destroya) Flight by Fleshlight
4th   Blade Fleshlight Blade
5th   Primal Fleshlight Girls EU (all)
6th   Frankenstein Fleshlight Freaks Frankenstein
7th   Gauntlet Jesse Jane – Gauntlet
8th   Crystal Fleshlight Ice – Crystal
9th   Alien Fleshlight Alien
10th   Swallow Fleshlight Girls (almost all)

You’re watching the fleshlight deep dive if there’s ever a time when you absolutely positively don’t want anything to go wrong with an order it’s when you buy a sex toy for obvious reasons so we want to check out the entire customer experience of ordering a fleshlight we ordered directly from fleshlight com

We had no idea there are so many different types of flesh lights so picking one out was actually more of a challenge than I thought it would be and that’s probably why there’s this page that allows you to build your own fleshlight step

Choose a case color for the first fleshlight

I chose classic black next you move on to the entry style and there are several to choose from a couple of these cracked me up if you’ve ever wanted to have butt sex with an elf here’s your fleshlight we’re just going to stick with a good old default generic vagina next you choose a texture.

The textures are really where the magic happens each one creates unique sexual sensation ranging from feeling very close to actual sex so they say two brand new sensations you may not have even known were possible hovering over the picture of each texture pops up.

A little blurb that attempts to describe what it feels like for the first flashlight I went with the texture called the mini Lotus according to the site is the most realistic texture they offer and since everyone seems to want to know whether or not a fleshlight feels like the real thing or not

Clearly I have to try it for the second fleshlight I went with the silver case and for the entry style we just went with another vagina the others don’t do much for me personally but it is cool that they offer options and for the second texture I went with one called the wonder wave

This is their best-selling texture so I couldn’t help but be curious about that one next we decide to check out some of the fleshlight branded personal lubricant which actually turned out to be really good not just for use with the fleshlight but for all sorts of sex fun.

 Fleshlight Top 10 (by Realism)

Place   Inner Canal Texture Realism Link to Fleshlight Store
1st   Texas Tornado Alexis Texas – Texas Tornado
2nd   Love Humps Teagan Presley – Love Humps
3rd   Wonder Wave Fleshlight Wonder Wave
4th   Mini-Lotus Build-Your-Own – Mini-Lotus
5th   Lotus Fleshlight Girls (all)
6th   Heavenly Jessica Drake – Heavenly
7th   Bump N Grind Misty Stone – Bump N Grind
8th   Super Tight Fleshlight – Super Tight
9th   Vortex Fleshlight Vortex / FL Girls EU
10th   Gauntlet Jesse Jane – Gauntlet

And finally since one of the most common questions about flesh lights is the cleaning and care.

We decided it’d be a good idea to check out their antibacterial toy wash as well as something called renewing powder which turned out to just be nothing but regular cornstarch but whatever our total came out to a little over 160 bucks which is more than enough to get us free three-day shipping via EPS and as promised the package was totally discreet there’s nothing on the outside that says anything about fleshlights or sex toys.

How to buy fleshlight

A major concern for you consider making the purchase fleshlight using a Visa gift card or something other than a card tied to a shared account so here’s our big box of fleshlight stuff we’ve got our fancy cleaning stuff. We’ve got the fleshlight branded personal lubricant which is called fleshLube of course the two cases and the two sleeves each of which is sealed in its own individual package in the interest of full transparency we actually remove the heavy duty staples from the sleeve packages prior to filming so you wouldn’t have to watch a struggle for three mats to open them.

You’re welcome and look at this each of the fleshlight sleeves was shipped with a little plastic tube inside this should go without saying but be sure and locate that tube and take it out before you try and use the fleshlight and just a little bit of assembly as required the squishy sleeve goes inside

The art case and then you put the top on now we got a flesh light okay for real nobody is going to think there’s a light bulb and batteries inside this thing except maybe exactly the people who you don’t want to find your fleshlight.

If the lights go out such as your mom or your grandma or younger cousin or something but unlike some sex toys make for guys at least the business part of this thing is hidden inside fleshlight.

First impressions of fleshlight

Wow it is bigger in real life than I imagined one pound six ounces 10 inches long that doesn’t seem like much on paper but once you hold this fleshlight in your hand you begin to wonder where exactly you’re going to hide this thing.

But it is pretty nice the plastic that the case is made out of he’ll serve like the same type of materials that they might make Sporting Goods out of if that makes sense it feels like it could survive a fall and so here it is your own personal pink vagina fleshlight to play with whenever you want.

And I think it’s just realistic enough to facilitate a fantasy if that’s what you want but not so realistic fleshlight it’s creepy and I think this is something that the fleshlight really gets right in the past sex toys for guys haven’t been seen in the same positive light as sex toys for women and a big part of that is because so many sex toys for guys have been designed to look so realistic that they look fucking creepy.

The fleshlight on the other hand looks almost a little cartoonish fun and bright like a sex toy should all of that having been said the field the sleeve material of fleshlight is definitely sensual and luxurious.

It’s silky soft and supple nice in all the ways that your hand is not this end cap does two things first adjust airflow during use less air flow results in a tighter sensation and more airflow results in the offset second and enables thorough cleaning of the case the ability to remove the inner sleeve also helps with clingy fleshlight.

The sleeve is super stretchy in fact it seems like it would stretch forever so even if you do have a giant shlong it ought to work just fine it’s kind of hard to show what the insides of fleshlight these look like on video and that’s too bad because it’s the different textures inside of these that make flesh light feel so interesting.

This texture is called the wonder wave and it looks served like a ribbed condom on the inside except obviously a lot bigger and it’s ribbed for your pleasure not hers so obviously when all the fun is over there’s going to be some cleaning up to do so how big a deal is it to clean the fleshlight.

How to clean fleshlight

Well the cleanup is actually pretty easy basically you just run hot water through it and do a deep clean with the antibacterial toy cleaner now and then but the problematic part is the drying is absolutely critical to the fleshlight be completely dry before it’s stored away for any length of time.

Otherwise like anything else does stored away damp without any airflow it could develop mold or mildew and if that happens the fleshlight is basically ruined you’re not going to want to stick yourself back into that again.

So it’s got to be bone-dry fleshlight when you put it away but drying can take anywhere from an hour to the better part of an entire day depending on the temperature of the room humidity and the amount of air movement that’s happening near the fleshlight.

In order for it to dry with any speed at all it really needs to be left out in the open where there’s plenty of airflow for guys who don’t have a lot of privacy that could be a problem aiming a little USB powered fan can cut the drying time in half and a hairdryer would probably be even faster but that’s still more than some guys in a community living situation will feel comfortable messing with although just rinsing out the sleeve with hot water really seems to take care of the mess.

Cleaning fleshlight with the flesh wash branded antibacterial toy cleaner is an easy way to have peace of mind that the fleshlight is clean and fresh the next time you want to use it which seems like a good idea after the sleeve is dried it can get a little sticky if you want to restore some of that new from the factory softness you can apply some of the renewing powder before storing it away.

You don’t have to do this but it is a nice impression when you come back to it the renewing powder is really just regular old cornstarch so you might already have some in your kitchen or you might be able to get it cheaper from a grocery store of the accessories that we ordered though the biggest prize was the fleshly branded personal lubricant not only was it great with the fleshlight it turned out to be an awesome all-purpose lube this game.

Put to use in the bedroom for sex and all sorts of fun not just with the fleshlight arguably what counts most when it comes to a sex toy is what it feels like a lot of other things such as a price and the cleaning can be forgiven if it delivers something that your hand can’t or expands your sexual enjoyment.

Feel like the real thing

The fleshlight definitely brings the sensations and lots of them each texture is a little different and that’s something that’s really cool new ways of feeling good what the textures feel like is a whole other topic though but one thing we know for sure that you want to know is whether or not fleshlights feel like the real thing.

We go into a lot more depth about this in the article on in bet magazine calm but here’s the short answer it feels a lot more like sex than your hand that’s for sure for more in-depth and uncensored descriptions of what some of the different textures feel like along with a lot more information in what we can cover in this video go to embed magazine comm and search fleshlights or follow the links below.

We reviewed quite a few recently including some new ones flesh lights.

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