iPhone and iPad revenue are out of the ordinary

MG Siegler has some additional interesting points on the revenue distribution graphs for Microsoft, Apple and Google that ZDNet published yesterday

It looks like Apple’s business is mainly about iPhone. And while it’s true that the iPhone is responsible for over half of Apple’s total revenue, it’s important to consider that Apple’s total pie is now significantly larger than Microsoft’s. Actually, it’s more than twice as large.

Last quarter, Microsoft brought in $20.89 billion in revenue. Apple brought in $46.33 billion.

Put another way: Apple’s iPhone business alone is larger than all of Microsoft’s businesses combined.

And — just as remarkably — if you took away Apple’s iPhone business from the chart, the remaining Apple businesses would still be larger than Microsoft’s total business. And Apple’s earnings would look a lot more evenly distributed then.

The revenue coming from iPhones and iPads is on a completely different scale from what we are used to in the IT industry. It is bigger than any other computer product ever produced by other companies, big enough to permanently shift the industry from normal PC devices toward smartphones and tablets.

(Via parislemon • Size Matters)

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