Would you trust your data to an ad agency?

One of the most juicy posts this week has been the one on Zdnet.com that compared the revenue distribution across product lines for Apple, Microsoft and Google.

This is nothing new, I wrote about the unbalanced Google’s revenue stream in my how-to instructions on how to move to iCloud, what is interesting is the comparison with two normal IT companies. Ed Bott, the journalist that posted the entry, also wrote:

If you want to understand why a company acts the way it does, just follow the money.

When you think about it, it becomes clear why Google values your data so much. That’s the only raw material that they have to build their products. There’s nothing else. Google will not think twice – and in fact is not doing it – to change whatever Privacy Policy to get what they need to survive.

We can expect more from Google (and Facebook too for that matter) in the coming months. I believe that most people don’t see this as a big problem, as long as the service remains free, so they keep saying. Others simply shrug at the issue with a generic “it’s not a problem as long as you know that they do it”. It’s up for debate that is the way to tackle the problem.

As for me, I use Google services less and less every day. macography.net email is hosted on Google Apps for Domain. I chose it because what I write is public anyway so I don’t care too much if Google data mine my emails.

It’s a totally different story with my personal emails, the emails that come from my bank, my doctor, insurance, pension fund etc. all end up in an iCloud account. I’ve been using it since the service was called iTools and could not be happier.

One thing that has always baffled me is why I seldom get spam emails on my .mac account but I am flooded with it on a test Gmail account that I opened in 2005. Gmail does an excellent job at moving those email to the spam folder but I’ve never fully understood why I get so much spam on Gmail even if I don’t use it as much as my mac.com email address. I’ve got a theory for it but I think I should not write it in a blog unless I have any proof of it.

I’m slowly but steadily convincing my closest friends and family members to move their emails to other services. If they happen to complain that Google services are better than others, I try to talk them into using paid services with equal or better quality. At the end of the day there ain’t no such thing as a free meal.

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