Here we go again (or I’ve seen if before)

Six hours after having migrated my data from MobileMe to iCloud and I already start seeing the first problems with the new service. on my Mac keeps asking me for the iCloud password:

and iCloud on the web shows a more descriptive window:

I hope this is not a repeat of the woes we experienced when MobileMe went live in 2008. The beginning is not encouraging at all.

Many users are still unable to install iOS 5 due to the infamous Error 3200 and I still cannot enable my iCloud Backup.

Maybe iCloud Backup has been blocked on purpose to avoid a total meltdown of Apple servers. Just think of the effect of 50 million users uploading at the same time an average of 10GB of data to Apple data center. I believe that this would be the single largest data upload that any company has ever experienced.

Just in case you are experiencing issues with iCloud, you can check the iCloud status page for more details.

[Edited at 8pm GMT: Everything seems back to normal for me now. Please do me a favour, if you have friends that still needs to migrate from MobileMe to iCloud tell them to backup their data and devise an action plan that allows them to be in business even if iCloud mail goes down again. You can find some useful tips here.]