How to solve the “Open In” Evernote missing menu on Safari for iPad

Since buying the iPad, I’ve been trying to adapt my workflow to it. One of the things that I usually do on my Mac is to save PDF files from Safari into Evernote. I do this with bills and credit card statements that can be download as PDF files from the respective company websites.

Normally on my Mac I would do:

iOS doesn’t have a file system so this method cannot be used but Apple have included an Open In… functionality in many apps, Safari included. This allows you to open that specific file with the app you prefer and save the corresponding file within that app space. To my surprise this is what I could see when I clicked the Open In… button on my iPad:

Where it looks like that it is not possible to create a new Evernote note from a Safari inline PDF file. This would have broken my workflow.

To make things a bit more interesting, I checked what menus I had on my iPhone. As you can see my iPhone had the option to open a PDF file in Evernote:

Obviously on my iPad something was wrong.

The answer is that iOS can only manage a limited number of apps that can open a certain type of file, 10 in the case of PDF files. Not only that but the Open In… menu can only display four apps (five for the iPhone for some reason).

The only way to make Evernote appear in that list is to start deleting apps that are capable of opening PDF files. In my case I had to remove: Nocs, Elements and Textastic. Once I did that Evernote finally appears in the menu:

I can now create a new note in Evernote by automatically including a PDF file.

What I fail to understand is why Evernote is so down in the hierarchy of apps that can open PDF files. Why for instance a text editor appears just after iBook and Amazon Kindle and before Evernote? In my tests the installation order of the different apps don’t matter, Evernote will always come after other apps.

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